About KEU

Research University named after Musa Ryskulbekov "Kyrgyz Economic University (KEU)” is emerging from recent challenges as a stronger and more future-focused public university. As a dynamic, highly ranked, and internationally accredited university, we are committed to educating the next generation of leaders inspired by innovation and advancing new-age entrepreneurship. KEU is the only fully economic-profiled university and the only “Research University” in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Mission of the University is to educate highly qualified specialists of the new generation with internationally recognized diplomas and strong leadership skills for all sectors of economics, specialists of new formation with solid knowledge in economics and entrepreneurship.

The vision of KEU is to strive to achieve a high level of quality assurance for higher and secondary-special economic education, consistent with the reforms in the country and the spirit of change in world education, in particular, the Bologna process.

There are the following programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels: Economics, Management, Tourism, Commerce, Business Administration, and Business Informatics. The languages of studying are Russian and English.  Also, KEU has College (Secondary Professional Education) and Lyceum (Vocational Education).

Today there are more than 4000 students currently enrolled in KEU, among them Lyceum (Vocational Education) – 328 students, College (Secondary Professional Education) – 789 students, undergraduate level - 1663 students, Graduate level - 188 students; Institute of Continuing Open Education (ICOE) – Undergraduate - 998 students, Graduate – 111 students, and Post-graduate level - 76 students.

There are 12 academic departments with more than 420 faculty and staff members (including part-time employees).

KEU is actively involved in international cooperation and signed the Memorandum of Understandings with more than 60 universities from Europe, Asia, and CIS countries and has strong ties and cooperation in student, faculty exchange, and academic and research spheres. KEU has successfully implemented the following projects: 

  1. EUCA-INVEST “Investing in entrepreneurial universities in the Caucasus and Central Asia”. - http://www.euca-invest.eu/ 
  2. HECAFS “Higher Education for Systems and Standards for Food Production in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan”. http://www.namsb.tj/hecafs 
  3. LMPT “Curriculum for Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Tourism Development in China, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan”. https://www.lmpt.eu/ 
  4. EGEA "Enhancing Green Economy in 3 countries of Asia" / Strengthening the green economy in three Asian countries Pakistan, India, and Kyrgyzstan, together with partners from the University. Otto von Guericke, Germany.
  5.  http://www.egea.education/
  6. TALENT “Establishing Master Programs in HRM and Talent Development in Central Asia” / Creation of master's programs in HRM and Talent Development in Central Asia together with partners from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. https://hrmincentralasia.eu/